Byron Products is proficient in a wide range of thermal spray coatings including, plasma spray, High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spraying (HVOF), and vapor phase aluminide coatings.


Typical applications for plasma spray and HVOF coatings include land based turbines, aircraft engines, medical, automotive as well as other industrial components. Byron Products is equipped for large quantities and capable of delivering the finest results. Our dedicated engineers and operators can help you determine the right solution for your specific parts.

plasma spray machine

Byron Products provides 3 different types of plasma spraying systems and multiple booths with size up to 16 feet.

hvof in action

All High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray coatings are applied via robot with dedicated programming for each component.

machine for vapor phase aluminide coatings

This type of aluminide coating is also referred to a VPA, Above-The-Pack, and Gas-Phase Aluminide.