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photo of person brazing


Byron Products is a leader in the brazing industry. We perform several methods of brazing using filler metals such as nickel, silver, copper, gold and alloys that contain these elements. Because we have a variety of vacuum and atmosphere furnaces, we are able to process your parts quickly and cost efficiently. We also offer induction, resistance and torch brazing. Byron Product’s furnaces are maintained, calibrated, and surveyed in accordance to AMS 2750. All of our processes are performed by highly trained and certified operators who can meet your exact specifications.

a heat treat machine

Byron Products offers Nickel Brazing, Gold Brazing and Copper Brazing.


Byron Products atmosphere controlled continuous furnaces are ideal for high volume work.

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Byron Products serves the aerospace, Power Gen OEM & overhaul and wind power industries.

induction torch brazing

Induction & Torch Brazing are performed on parts processed one at a time.

Byron Products